Ven. Yangthang Rinpoche

Schedule of Events for 2006

These events have passed and this page is no longer linked in to our website. You must have gotten here by a direct link. There is no current visit by Yangthang Rinpoche planned.

The Tshog Dag Foundation and Mahasiddha Nyingmapa Center will host a visit from Ven. Yangthang Rinpoche December 13 to 17. The aim is twofold: 1) To make opportunities for practitioners and others to receive Rinpoche's precious blessings and teachings and 2) To help Rinpoche raise badly needed money for his Monastery and Dharma Projects. All proceeds after expenses from the events will go to Rinpoche. The schedule is below and there may be changes or additions, so check back soon.

Donations: Suggested donations are listed below for each event. For the events at our Temple, donations will be accepted at the door and there will be an opportunity at the end of each session for people to offer katag and additional personal donations. All of the proceeds will go to Rinpoche. Cash is preferred. Checks may be made out to the Tshog Dag Foundation with 'YTR' in the memo. *

Pre-Registration: For the events at the Mahasiddha Temple, you may use the links to pre-register and pay online with a credit card or send in a check. Credit cards will not be accepted at the door.

Prerequisites: The Wednesday event is open for all. For the Wang (empowerment) and teachings at the Mahasiddha Temple Friday through Sunday, one should already have entered the Buddhist path and be prepared to keep samaya (committed relationship) with the Lama and fellow students.

Facilities: Parking is limited so please carpool as much as possible. Our bathroom and cooking facilities are also limited so plan to go to a local restaurant for lunch.

Meals and accommodations are not included. Click here for directions and a list of local accommodations.

Wed, Dec. 13
7 - 9 pm
Being Peace in a Troubled World:  Heart Teachings from a Tibetan Lama
Unitarian Society of Northampton
220 Main Street, Northampton, Ma

For more info about this event only:
Fri, Dec. 15
Rigdzin Dupa Wang (empowerment) at
Mahasiddha Temple in Hawley, MA
This is the Guru Rinpoche wang from the Longchen Nyingthig Tradition of Jigmed Lingpa. For direction and local accommodations, click here. For more info, Contact Us
Sat. Dec 16 and
Sun. Dec 17

10 am - noon and
2 pm - 5 pm

Nature-of-Mind Training in Nyingma
Mahasiddha Temple in Hawley, MA
Pith Instructions on the most profound path to enlightenment of the Nyingma Tradition.
For direction and local accommodations, click here. For more info, Contact Us

($100 per day)

*Those who cannot afford the full amount of the suggested donation will be admitted for less. Please give what you can.

The Tshog Dag Foundation is tax exempt under paragraph 501(c)3.

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